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The Hilltin Story

The story of Hilltin begins with the phrase “Good shoes take you to good places”. What started as our love for comfortable and stylish shoes turned into a passion to sourcing the most beautiful ballet flats.

Our first venture started as a sole franchisee of French Sole London in Singapore. French Sole London needs no further introduction. The shoes were handcrafted by artisanal shoemakers in Europe and their shoes were known to be beautiful and last. Since French Sole started in 1989, their beautiful shoes were worn and loved by many celebrities.

Our journey as a purveyor continued when we met with Feith London. A mother daughter duo launched their brand with the aim of creating elegant and comfortable shoes . All Feith London ballet flats were handcrafted in a family owned third generation factory in France. The shoes have the softest Italian leather and they take you miles. We are here to curate beautiful shoes one brand at a time.

French Sole London